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Book Review: Toby Gold and the Secret Fortune

Toby Gold is a seventh grader in Wallingford, Connecticut who has always known that he is good with money – but has no idea how good until he discovers a dangerous hidden society of money and intrigue that co-exists with … Continue reading



Sherlock. Most people know his last name – Holmes – although it is really not necessary to mention it. Kind of like Elvis, Madonna, or Oprah – they all have last names, but they are so famous, they are instantly … Continue reading


Warriors Over the Wasatch

I know it has been a while since my last post. Life gets busy sometimes. I have lots of things I want to blog about, but they’ll just have to stay in queue until I get to them. With the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Nourish & Strengthen

Nourish & Strengthen, by Maria Hoagland Synopsis: Taylor has the perfect life: a model’s figure, a husband who adores her, three healthy children. So why does she feel so much less than perfect?  After losing forty pounds, Chloe Taylor is … Continue reading