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BYU-Utah Rivalry Week

Usually I’m not one to get caught up in hype, but every year when BYU and the University of Utah play each other in football, there is almost a palpable excitement in the air and it is difficult to ignore … Continue reading

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The 2012 Summer Olympic Top 5 Performances

I admit it – I am an Olympics junkie. I usually eschew the television and the mindless waste of time that comes with it, but I am a weak, weak man when the Olympics come around every couple of years … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

My daughter came home from college a week ago and saw that I was reading The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown. Actually, it was her book — she had received it as a Christmas present the year before. Having already … Continue reading

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Top 5 Sports Movies

I have been thinking about this one for a while, and it is tough to narrow it down to just five. There are some great sports movies out there, and this list has changed slightly over the last few years … Continue reading

Top 5 Lists

The Importance of Learning

OK. I have been a little busy this past couple of weeks preparing a talk for Sacrament Meeting. I gave the talk today, and it went well enough I guess. Now I need to catch up on my blog (I … Continue reading

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Top 5 Super Bowl 2012 Commercials

So we really didn’t care much about the actual football game this year, but most of the family gathered at my brother-in-law’s home to watch it anyway. I think the consensus for most of us was that we would have rather seen … Continue reading

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Top 5 Ice Cream Flavors

Ice cream is a way of life around our household. I have found over the years that ice cream is an excellent cure for whatever ails you: heartburn, anxiety, depression, heat stroke, hypoglycemia, insomnia, and sore throats to name a … Continue reading

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Top 5 Disney films

Well, I finally have a moment to add a new post to my blog. I have been working furiously the last few weeks to get my debut novel ready for publication. It took almost 3 weeks to get the paperback version submitted, … Continue reading

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Top 5 Beatles’ Songs

For the first Top 5 ranking, might as well kick it off with a bang: Top 5 Beatles’ Songs. This is certainly not the first or last time this topic has been debated, and it almost always varies according to … Continue reading

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